It is FREE to enter the carnival.

Please complete the on-line entry form below, or download the entry form here and email it to

Entry forms can also be handed in on the day, but we would hugely appreciate them being submitted in advance.

Carnival entries can arrive at Helston Tesco carpark from 3pm and judging will take place at 4:45pm

Certificates and prizes will be awarded before leaving the carpark at 6pm.

The Carnival Committee reserve the right to move an entry to a different class.
If bad weather, the decision to cancel the carnival will be made by 2pm. Please check our website or Facebook page.
I/WE understand and agree that the Carnival Organisers do not accept liability for such damage or injury as may be incurred or suffered during or as a result of the Carnival.
It is incumbent upon ME/US entering the Carnival to arrange insurance cover for any vehicle used in connection with the Carnival and to have adequate Public Liability insurance. I also agree that the Carnival Organisers have the right to come and inspect the vehicle and/or float prior to carnival, and may not permit it to enter if there is or perceived to be any safety risks. The Committee’s decision is final.
I/WE give permission for any photographs taken of my children and/or children in my group who are under the age of 18 years to be used for future Carnival advertising/newspaper coverage.
By confirming above, I agree to abide by the rules set down by the Carnival Committee & Child Protection Act. I also confirm I have read and understood the safety advice and general information at